Education, the 1991 edition of the Websters Lexicon defines (education) it as " instruction or training by which people (generally young) learn to develop and use their mental, moral and physical powers || the art of giving such training || a gaining of experience, either improving or harmful..."
Accumulating that definition as an undenyable fact, lets unconciously demoralize our ignorance by strategising a diversified semi-permable medium of cracking the DNAs of ignoramism.
Making this a case-of-study, I want to believe "knowledge is power" having a congestful brain box of undiversified knowledge makes an individual a [Major] of him/her self. So, lets start sturfing the ROM. In terms of , Computers

Otherwise, -TED gives you the says of great Philosopher, great Men and great Thinkers, dead & alife + other idle services. -this location/site unburdens your mind on what you want to explore/know.
-Have you an updated encyclopedia? If (no) Well, thankGod for the Extranet.

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